Man, this feels good

We’re challenging the outdated notion that
real men shrug their shoulders and carry on.

By empowering men with all the information and choices they need to
proactively own their wellbeing, we can turn a corner.

Nearly 90% of men don't seek help unless
they have a serious problem.


The first step is to open up and talk - no issue too embarrassing, no subject
too taboo. Then to embrace holistic solutions, avoiding quick fixes. Looking
after yourself from top to bottom, inside and out.


Dr Hamrizal

Medical Doctor
M.D (UKM) MMC 32159

Dr Alan Soh

Medical Doctor • MBBS (Malaya) MMC 33336

Dr Farah Ruhana

Medical DoctorM.D (CSMU,Ukraine) MMC 59887

Dr Siti Hazury

Medical DoctorMBBS (Malaya) OHD MMC 36745

Dr Siti Mariam

Medical DoctorM.D (UKM) MMC 32159

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