Men’s health, in and out.

Solve & improve men’s health in Malaysia.

Breaking the unspeakable

It’s almost known that MEN refuse to ask for help, even when they are in desperate need. Our mission is to break the unspeakable, encouraging and supporting men in Malaysia to seek guidance, help, and support by this accessible, shy-free, and professional platform.

Why goMen?

It all started with a doctor’s vision to provide healthcare services on a digital platform – a virtual health clinic. He recognizes the challenges men face as they seek treatment or even health advice specifically for sensitive medical conditions. He strongly believes that digital healthcare platform is the way forward to address these shortcomings. He wants to ensure that this digital platform will be able to reach all men at all time, anywhere and everywhere. 

Now, we have a team of professional ,qualified & licensed doctors who are ever ready to assist any men with any issues they might have at the convenience of their homes , privacy guaranteed.

This is the new-generation healthcare service:

  1. readily available & accessible – anwhere & anytime
  2. privacy guaranteed
  3. you are in control – everything is at your finger tips
  4. KKM approved treatment

How can goMen help?

We provide one-stop medical support to men for issues such as hair loss, sleep disorder, smoking cessation, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction with a single click. It is intended to replace the conventional method of seeing a doctor at a nearby clinic and going through all of the hassles just to have some peace of mind. Here at goMen, it is a virtual clinic where men can seek clinical advice and medication from our medical doctors and get it delivered to your doorstep at ease.

Let us lead the way on this journey of advancement with you. Do better, get smarter.

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