Why porn may be compromising your sexual wellbeing

Pornography encompasses a wide variety of items, from homemade images of happy couples to mass-produced pornographic films with a high-profit margin. A person’s beliefs, empirical studies on porn-related topics that matter to them, and the overall impact of pornography must all be considered when deciding if it’s is good or bad. When it comes to […]

Cancer might be a possible part of erectile problems

Cancer is a frightening prospect for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race. It’s a common fear that crosses our minds whenever the smallest bump or slightest pain is felt in random areas of our bodies. Our society has developed a severe mass paranoia when it comes to cancer, and there’s a reason why. Cancer […]

Can premature ejaculation cause problems with pregnancy?

Do you finish a little too fast in bed? It’s an age-old worry that we’ve heard time and time again. Premature ejaculation is such a common theme in our society, that it has become symbolized through pop culture as the easiest way to depict men with sexual problems. In reality, premature ejaculation can be severe […]

What other medical issues are linked to erectile dysfunction?

The most common sexual condition that men report to their doctor is erectile dysfunction or ED. It can affect up to 30 million men. ED is described as difficulty obtaining or maintaining a firm enough erection for sex. Though it’s not uncommon for a man to have erection issues now and then, ED that is […]

8 common types of hair loss found in men

The lingering fear of hair loss is prevalent in many, many Malaysian men. Most  of them know only about the surface information that they’ve heard or read about male baldness. They know it’s genetic to a certain extent, and that there are warning signs of hair thinning before the baldness begins. Beyond that, they aren’t […]

Homemade remedies that can help reduce premature ejaculation

Performance in bed has always been a very prominent source of self-confidence, happiness, and peace for most men (and women too). One of the biggest obstacles in the way of this sexual milestone is premature ejaculation (PE) – one of the most common sexual issues in men. In a nutshell, PE occurs when an individual […]

How to check for possible testicular cancer (on your own)

A men’s health issue that Malaysian men seem reluctant to discuss is testicular cancer. The majority of testicular cancers can be detected early on as early testicular cancers can cause symptoms in some men, prompting them to seek medical help. The first symptom is usually a lump on the testicle, or the testicle may be […]

Masturbation, is it helpful or harmful?

There’s nothing more natural than getting the urge to rub one out, right? Well, the effects of masturbation on health and overall well being are actually up for debate. This is alarming when you consider that in one study, masturbation was registered by 95 percent of males and 89 percent of females.  Most males and […]

Not getting enough bedtime? Here are 5 reasons why

You could recall a time when you could fall asleep in a second and remain in a blissful slumber until lunchtime the next day. Your sleep is now more likely to be lighter and more fitful, and you may not always feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Sleep is important for mental […]

Men, are you suffering from these common sexual health issues?

Sexual dysfunction is described as any physical or psychological issue that prohibits you or your partner from experiencing sexual pleasure. Male sexual dysfunction is more common than you might expect, and it’s a health aspect that affects men of all ages, but it becomes more prevalent as they get older. There are treatments for sexual […]

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