Hair Care Tips for Men: 5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair at Home

It’s undeniable that maintaining good and healthy hair is important. After all, the hair frames your whole face. Many everyday things are prone to damaging our hair but with these few easy tips, we can prevent that and ensure that our hair is strong and healthy. The steps that you can take are:

1.Use paraben-free products

Parabens are harsh chemicals added into the formula of hair care products as preservatives. These harsh chemicals can bring several problems such as scalp irritation, dry hair and even hair loss. Hence, it is better to choose paraben-free shampoos that are more natural and gentle for your hair.

2. Do not over shampoo

In our hot climate, it’s common to want to shampoo your hair every day to remove the sticky feeling of sweat on your scalp. The common misconception is that shampooing your hair every day would keep it clean and your scalp fresh.

However, the truth is that washing your hair every day could lead to dry hair.

Shampooing every day causes it to be brittle, weak, and dull as the important oils meant to nourish your hair are now stripped away by the shampoo.

It still is important to wash your hair to prevent it from being greasy and gross (sweaty hair does stink-please wash your hair!). Thus it’s recommended for a person to wash their hair every 2 to 3 days to ensure that it’s clean and nourished with all its natural oils.

3.Use conditioner

We all want to save our time in the shower and using only shampoo products can seem like the best way to do it. However, skipping out on conditioner can affect the moisture of your hair greatly. We need to replenish the oils and moisture for soft and healthy hair that even gentle paraben-free shampoos strip away.


4.Regular visits to the barber

Cutting your hair is more than just maintaining a cool hairstyle. As our hair is exposed to many damaging aspects such as friction and heat, these weaken the strands of our hair which could lead to split ends. Cutting our hair helps get rid of these split ends and ensures that our hair grows healthily.

So, procrastinating on going to the barber is a bad decision as it is recommended that we get haircuts every 4 to 6 weeks.

5.Be gentle with your hair

Lastly is to be gentle with your hair which means making sure your hair isn’t exposed to excessive heat or friction.

Avoiding excessive friction includes not drying your hair aggressively with a towel. We want to maintain all of the hair strands that we have left on our scalp! So when coming out of the shower, blot your hair dry instead of rubbing it to prevent damage.

Avoiding heat means not washing your hair with hot water as high temperatures strip the natural oils of your hair. Using hot tools such as hair dryers and hair straighteners should be minimised as using these devices without heat protectant can also damage your hair.

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