Why porn may be compromising your sexual wellbeing

Pornography encompasses a wide variety of items, from homemade images of happy couples to mass-produced pornographic films with a high-profit margin. A person’s beliefs, empirical studies on porn-related topics that matter to them, and the overall impact of pornography must all be considered when deciding if it’s is good or bad. When it comes to […]

Cancer might be a possible part of erectile problems

Cancer is a frightening prospect for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race. It’s a common fear that crosses our minds whenever the smallest bump or slightest pain is felt in random areas of our bodies. Our society has developed a severe mass paranoia when it comes to cancer, and there’s a reason why. Cancer […]

What other medical issues are linked to erectile dysfunction?

The most common sexual condition that men report to their doctor is erectile dysfunction or ED. It can affect up to 30 million men. ED is described as difficulty obtaining or maintaining a firm enough erection for sex. Though it’s not uncommon for a man to have erection issues now and then, ED that is […]

Masturbation, is it helpful or harmful?

There’s nothing more natural than getting the urge to rub one out, right? Well, the effects of masturbation on health and overall well being are actually up for debate. This is alarming when you consider that in one study, masturbation was registered by 95 percent of males and 89 percent of females.  Most males and […]

Men, are you suffering from these common sexual health issues?

Sexual dysfunction is described as any physical or psychological issue that prohibits you or your partner from experiencing sexual pleasure. Male sexual dysfunction is more common than you might expect, and it’s a health aspect that affects men of all ages, but it becomes more prevalent as they get older. There are treatments for sexual […]

Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction It refers to the inability of a male to sustain erection consistently and repeatedly. It is a common problem and is reported that it affects around 18-30 million men. It exerts considerable effects on the quality of life. Most of the time people are reluctant to talk about it to others even to […]

Ways to Help Erectile Dysfunction

Millions and millions of American males are now coming out to consult their physicians for something that used to be looked at with embarrassment and even denial. Erectile dysfunction is now an acceptable topic of medical studies and patient-doctor discussions. Throughout the years, technological advances in the field of medicine has given rise to medical […]

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